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Integrated Solution for Internal, External and Custom Reporting needs.
The most innovative faith-based nonprofits in the world use Site Stacker for mobilization and member onboarding.

Automation Powered by Site Stacker

Business Process Automation is a challenging endeavor that requires organizational awareness and powerful software. Our tools allow you to automate key processes and manage them with a powerful administrative dashboard.

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Outcome Driven

Our Process

  • Analyze - We help you understand your current process and identify opportunities to make it better.
  • Re-design and Model - We help you refocus on outcomes instead of tasks and document your refined process from beginning to end.
  • Automate - We automate your unique process and provide you with a powerful dashboard for managing it with ease.
  • Optimize - We empower you with the tools to continually improve your process.

Task List

Task Progress

Powerful Admin Dashboards

High-level overviews that allow you to see the big picture in real time. If you'd like to see the dashboard first hand, click here to give our example workflow a try.

Beautiful User Interface

Mobile Responsive • Analytical Metrics • Drag and Drop Workflow Tools • Customizable Data Grids

Custom Workflows

Events • Mobilization • Recruitment • Applicant Management • Volunteer Management • Worker Management • Onboarding • Team Mission Trips

Security Focused

Encrypted Source and Highly Secure • Secure Files, Notes, and CRM Data • Customizable Permissioning

Custom Reporting

Tailor-made reports built to help your team accomplish your organization's unique mission.
Custom Reporting

Automated Outcomes

Role-based Task Assignment • Selection-based Workflow Paths • Due Date and Reminder Notifications • Docusign and Mailchimp Integrations

Make it Your Own

Customizable Forms, CRM Structure and Tagging • Full Automation Training for a Power User on Your Staff • Unlimited Admin Accounts • Site Stacker API Available

Organizational Success

Fewer Bottlenecks and Knowledge Silos • Less Busy Work for Staff • Faster Process Completions • Greater Accomplishment of Your Mission

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