Increase Your Fundraising by 35%



Every Donor gets a personalized dashboard where they can:

  • View history of every gift they've ever made and re-print receipts
  • Manage recurring gift amounts, allocations and frequency
  • Manage credit cards and bank accounts for one-click giving

You Need to See This in Action!

We would love to give you a live tour of exactly how Donor Dashboards are being used by numerous non-profits right now.  As always, our first consultation will be conducted by our VP of Strategic Partnerships, who has been working with organizations like yours for more than 10 years. The information will be rich, and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

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What Customers are Saying

"End of year giving went up by 65% with Site Stacker!" -- Dennis

"All of the responses I've gotten from our donors who set up their gifts in Site Stacker have been very positive. They seem to figure it out easily and are excited that they'll be able to view and revise their gifts. Yahoo!" -- Janelle

I just want to say a tremendous great big THANK YOU. Site Stacker has helped me tremendously in managing data from recurring gifts." -- Vicky

"We love our new site and WMtek is awesome to work with!" -- Crossworld
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