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Online Giving

Site Stacker gives you the tools to intelligently take control of your online fundraising efforts. Our unique approach to web engagement, combined with our beautiful shopping cart experience and our knowledge of what speaks to donors will help you increase online giving on all devices.

How We Do It

Increase Conversion

Client's using Site Stacker see donor conversion rates shoot up and shopping cart attrition plummet.

One-Click Checkout

Helping donors find your giving opportunities and complete their gift pain-free is essential.

Robust Donor Dashboards

Donors can view giving history, update payment methods, manage recurring gifts and reproduce receipts for themselves.

Content Marketing Par Excellence

WMtek™ specializes in crafting beautiful digital experiences with Site Stacker™. 

Powerful Content Management Tools • Mobile Ready Multi-Device Design

High-Outcome Nurture Pathways • CRM-Integrated Conversion Forms

Integrated Giving and Recruiting System • Enterprise Level Security

Multiple Sites & Site Channels • Multi-Lingual Publishing

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Worker Recruiting

The largest faith-based nonprofits in the world use Site Stacker for online recruiting and worker management.
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Beautiful User Interface

Mobile Responsive • Analytical Metrics • Drag and Drop Workflow Tools • Customizable Data Grids • Style Options to Fit Your Brand

Custom Workflows

Events • Mobilization • Recruitment • Applicant Management • Volunteer Management • Worker Management • Onboarding

Security Focused

Encrypted Source and Highly Secure • On-Prem and Hosted Options • Guaranteed PCI-DSS Scan Success

Non-Profit CRM

Real Data. Real People.

Site Stacker provides you with powerful customizable dashboards that will allow you to gain the insights you need regarding online giving, online recruiting, worker and volunteer management and much more. CRM?  More like RTDA -- Real Time Data Awesomeness.
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How Much Does Site Stacker Cost?

WMTEK is happy you are considering the purchase of the Site Stacker software platform. By answering the questions through this link, you will give us the information we need to provide you with a detailed estimate of your Return on Investment (ROI) over a three year period.
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