More Missionaries and More Funding Equals More Kingdom Work Accomplished

Recruit More Missionaries:

Not a marketing program. This is a function of better. A better recruiting plan, a better recruiting process and a better recruiting software to automate and manage it all.
We will reduce attrition (loss of prospective missionaries) at three key intervals:
  • The transition from unidentified suspect to a fully aware name acquisition.
  • The transition from awareness to applicant.
  • The transition from applicant to approval.

We will do this by:
  • Helping you acquire the name earlier.

  • Fine tuning the communication process to suspects in the earliest stages of engagement.

  • Simplifying, automating and bringing total transparency to the application and approval process.

  • Making the engagement and application process self-serving and available from anywhere on a mobile device.

Increase Funding:

Also not a marketing program. Funding increases from WMtek’s proven formula are 100% organic, focused primarily on helping your organization take advantage of already existing opportunities that you are currently missing.
We will do this by:

Increasing your largest source of revenue; missionary personal account funding.

  • Providing missionaries with a best-of-class partnership dashboard that will allow them to:
    • Keep up with their contacts.
    • Track incoming online and offline gifts on a daily basis.
    • Communicate quickly and easily with their constituents from their mobile device.
  • Providing an easy to use and highly engaging opportunity to give to any missionary from the organization’s public website, including.
    • Find missionary, initiate gift and check out in no more than 3 clicks.

Increasing online giving organically by 35% or more in your first year by:
  • Creating high value content for field projects on the primary website  and promoting them seamlessly in alignment with all other forms of high value content such as blog articles, field stories and overall regional summaries.
  • Reducing shopping cart abandonment by 50% or more by providing the ability to find out about opportunities and complete gifts in as little as 1 click, and by making all web content and online giving 100% mobile responsive.

Keep Missionaries on the Field Longer:

We will do this by:
  • Helping missionaries to develop and maintain a higher percentage of their required support over a longer period of time.
  • Decreasing the amount of time required for onboarding (getting missionaries to the field) by automating key business processes and helping to reduce the amount of time required to raise funds.
  • Increasing visibility into the missionary’s field activities by:
    • Providing coaching dashboards.
    • Automating key communication and reporting needs.
    • Automating turn-around, deputation and re-assignment business workflows.



Our team has worked with non-profit organizations, big and small, for more than 15 years. We understand the complexities and unique challenges of non-profits, and have the solutions in place to help child-sponsorship organizations like yours. 


Site Stacker has been built from the ground up to be the only enterprise software in the world that is designed exclusively to help non-profit organizations. Our online giving platform and automation tools are integrated seamlessly into our world-class enterprise content management system. Many of our partners are experiencing as much as 35% organic growth in online giving.


Our mission is to further your mission. Our highest goal is to provide faith-based non-profits with technology and expertise so that the Gospel will go forward into every tribe and every tongue.