WMtek recently went live with "MakaziVille," an Avatar-based adventure game where kids can learn about Bible translation. This project was a result from a partnership between the Duggar family and The Seed Company, who wanted to create a fun and exciting way to show families the importance of getting the Bible to unreached people groups. MakaziVille takes you through ten levels which include devotions and over 400 games, quizzes, and other educational challenges the user must complete in order to build and expand their village. Some challenges even take the user away from the computer to do with other people, incorporating the importance of reading your Bible, praying, and sharing your faith.

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Pocket Testament League Mobile App

Sharing your faith is now easier and more exciting than ever!  We're pleased to announce our FREE new mobile app that puts sharing the Gospel literally at your fingertips. Made to work on a variety of mobile platforms, our new app makes it easy to encourage others as you share your faith. Plus, you get quick, easy access to Scripture and other League resources. 

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In Good Company

When you partner with WMtek, you are in good company.  Our software helps power the web and social experience of organizations serving more than 40 million constituents.  Here are a few of our featured clients:

Wycliffe Family Research Council New Tribes Missions Liberty Counsel Precept Word of Life FEBC
Wycliffe Gift Catalog

Wycliffe USA is an organization with a strong vision for Bible Translation. Their goal is to make the Bible accessible to all people in the language they understand best. To make this vision a reality, Wycliffe focuses on community development, literacy development and church partnerships–all of which play a huge role in...

New Additions at Precept.org!

Precept Ministries International is a non-profit organization that establishes people in God’s Word using Inductive Bible Study. Desiring to give people a firm foundation in the Bible, Precept has taken their studies to a whole new level!

The Timeless Works of Dr. D. James Kennedy
Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Truth in Action Ministries (TIAM) uses media to broadcast Biblical teaching about the Lordship of Christ in every sphere of life, helping believers to see the world in light of God’s truth. Their ministry was directly inspired by the vision of Dr. D. James Kennedy, who left an extaordinary...
Several Ministries Select WMtek & Site Stacker

This year has been a very exciting time at WMtek.  We are excited to announce that the following ministries have purchased Site Stacker and have hired WMtek to develop unique websites and web applications.