More Sponsors and Better Engagement Equals More Children Ministered To

Get More Sponsors

Not a marketing program. This is a function of better. Engagement on your website will be better, sponsoring a child will be easier, and the long-term perceived value of sponsorship will be higher.
We will increase sponsorships and reduce attrition (loss of existing sponsors) at three key intervals:
  • Communication will be automated.

  • Information-rich dashboards will be engaging.

  • Management staff will be well informed.

We will do this by:
  • Providing an informative and engaging browsing experience on your website.

  • Automating the sponsorship process.

    • New sponsor automatically becomes a sponsor-type CRM record.

    • Child changes from unsponsored-type CRM record to sponsored-type record.

    • Child is automatically unpublished from website.

    • Sponsorship Dashboard keeps sponsor automatically informed on opportunities for engagement.

    • Sponsorship payment is automatically processed every month.

  • Fine tuning the communication process to sponsors in the earliest stages of engagement.

    • All annual emails to sponsor are sent via automated drip campaigns.

  • Simplifying, automating and bringing total transparency to the application and approval process.

    • Sponsorship Dashboard keeps sponsor automatically informed on opportunities for engagement.

    • Sponsorship payment is automatically processed every month.

    • Sponsor can print their own receipts, statements and change vital information like credit cards and billing addresses for themselves.

  • Making the sponsorship process self serving and available from anywhere on a mobile device.


Increase Funding:

Also not a marketing program. Funding increases from WMTEK’s proven formula are 100% organic, focused primarily on helping your organization take advantage of already existing opportunities that you are currently missing.
We will do this by:
  • Increasing your largest source of revenue; child sponsorship funding.

    • By automating child sponsorship payments, you can reduce missed gifts significantly and keep child sponsorships active for significantly longer.

  • Increasing online giving organically by 35% or more in your first year by:
    • Creating high value content for additional special projects on the primary website  and promoting them seamlessly in alignment with all other forms of high value content such as blog articles, field stories and overall regional summaries.

    • Reducing shopping cart abandonment by 50% more by providing the ability to find out about opportunities and complete gifts in as little as 1 click, and by making all web content and online giving 100% mobile responsive.

Reduce the Cost of Management:

We will do this by:
  • Automating many of the mundane management tasks that are associated with operating a child sponsorship program.

  • Decreasing the amount of time required for data processing.

  • Getting data clean and keeping it that way, leading to valuable real-time insights into your program.

Why WMTEK is able to accomplish these goals:


We have a great body of experience working with many Non-profit organizations, big and small, for more than 15 years to solve these types of challenges. We understand non-profits with all of their complexities before the engagement even begins.


Site Stacker has been built from the ground up to be the only Enterprise Software in the world that is designed exclusively to help Non-profit organizations. Our online giving platform and recruiting tools are integrated seamlessly into our world-class enterprise content management system, and the results speak for themselves. Many of our partners are experiencing between 35% and 300% organic growth in online giving, and are also experiencing the largest Recruitment classes in decades.


We are doing this because we share your mission.  Much greater than our goals of building industry-leading software and providing raving-fan service is our goal to see the Gospel go forward into every tribe and every tongue.

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