Gorgeous Web Design

The design of your organization's website is more important than ever before. Taking advantage of every potential online engagement is essential to strategic growth. A sleek, up to date design will draw even the most cautious viewer into your mission. The pros at WMTEK are experts at designing beautiful websites that actually work. We are dedicated to keeping up with current design standards, and raising the bar even higher. We want to open the door for your mission to reach its full potential.

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Site Stacker Implementation

Choosing software for your organization can be a tedious and sometimes overwhelming process. The fact that more than 25% of major technology projects fail is daunting and often casts a dark cloud over what should be an exciting time for your organization.  Picking the right implementation partner is key.  When you select WMTEK to implement Online Giving, Donor Management, Workflow Automation, and Content Management, you can be sure you are working with a partner who shares your mission and has the experience to make your project successful.  WMTEK’s billing rate is significantly lower than the industry average, and our success rate is significantly higher than even some of the largest and best companies in the world. We understand non-profit organizations and we know how to run successful projects.

Business Process Automation

Many of our clients have told us our workflow documentation services represent the first time their organization has ever had important workflows in their organization fully documented from beginning to end.  Fully documented, inter-departmental, workflows serve as a great foundation for decisions on changes to organizational structure as well as greatly increasing efficiency through automation of business processes.
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WMTEK offers an executive team with a diverse background and skill set. Our team has decades of experience in ministry management, fundraising, marketing, communications, software development, recruiting, business process analysis and organizational growth strategy.

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Credit Card Processing Rate Analysis

Are you paying too much for Credit Card processing?  WMTEK can help. Our software processes more than $70 million in online transactions a year.  We have many great partners who are regularly able to save our clients significant money each year. One client recently saved more than $200,000 per year!  Our service to help you analyze your current merchant and processing fees is free, so give us a call today.

Data & Systems Integration

Site Stacker implementations often include advanced integrations with other applications and databases. WMTEK’s development team is well versed and fully capable of serving in the position of development lead for these high-level integrations. WMTEK has built sophisticated integrations with Virtuous, Net Suite, a variety of Microsoft products, Azure Data Bus, Custom Data Warehouses and more.

Frontside Development

WMTEK offers an expert team of frontside developers who are fully capable to help you think through your needs and implement an effective strategy.  Our team includes multiple Senior Front Side Developers, very gifted UI/UX designers and Backend Developers who can make short work of data and system integrations.

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Backend Development

All WMTEK backend development is on top of the powerful Site Stacker software platform.  In addition to being an enterprise software suite for nonprofits, Site Stacker is also a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that has powered micro-social networks, mobile apps, online games and more. Talk to WMTEK today to see if their experienced development team + Site Stacker is a good fit for your organization.

Site Stacker Training and Support

So, your project is live.  Now what?  WMTEK takes product support serious.  That’s why we offer unlimited real-time product support and ongoing consultation and training services to help your organization increase product adoption.   Ask us about Site Stacker Training and Support, and breath easy. We’ve got this.